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It is not always easy to decide which style of food colour to use when colouring your icing. There are so many different options available now which can make it confusing to choose which style is most suitable.

The best way to choose is to work out firstly which style of food colour suits the style of icing you are using. When using fondant it is best to use a gel based colour like the Wilton colour pastes. These colour pastes are more concentrated and are strong enough to colour fondant.

If you are trying to create some of the richer colours such as black, red, or brown we recommend using a powder colour. This will ensure that you get the rich colour you are after without changing the consistency of the fondant.

If you are colouring buttercream, glace icing, royal icing or frosting the liquid colours such as ‘Carolines liquid Colours’ are ideal. These colours are less concentrated and are perect for these icings. The gel pastes are also suitable to use however as they are more concentrated only add a little at a time until your desired colour is achieved.



If you are like us you have been creating sugar flowers from Modelling sugar paste for years. During this week Lydia has been creating a stunning wedding cake which involves hundreds and hundreds of various sugar flowers.  As apposed to using modelling paste she has tried something different and used fondant mixed with clear gel/tylose and the results are fantastic.

The paste is not sticky to work with and the flowers have set really well even in this humid weather.  As you can see they have turned out amazingly and look really stunning!

There are approximately 1500 sugar flowers on this wedding cake and all have been handmade with the fondant mixed with clear gel.  Why not try using fondant to make your next sugar flowers?


In order to make these flowers you will need;

Aimee & Lydia

We have added a new design of Impression ejector cutters to our cake decorating supplies range. This new blossom design has 4 different sizes in the set and creates the most adorable little blossoms.

A range of designs can be created with these ejector cutters and they are so easy to use. Simply roll out your fondant or modelling paste, press the cutter into the fondant and release the blossom with the ejector on the back.

Handy Hints:

  • When you have cut out the blossoms, place them on a petal pad and with the end of your balling tool press the centre of each blossom. This will cause the blossom petals to pop up and give your flowers a more realistic finish.
  • Try layering the different sized blossoms on top of each other to create a fuller flower.

Please see our website for details on these great new cutters. We also carry petal pads and balling tools used for creating adorable blossoms.

Aimee & Lydia:)

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